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First Day of School

The second busiest shopping season of the year, after the holidays, is the Back to School.  Although I look forward to getting back to school and all of us getting back into the program, every year I cherish the last few days of summer with my kids, they are growing way too fast.  The start of the school year represents a few things to us, it’s a new beginning, we reorganize, set new goals, and get excited about what we hope will be an awesome school year.  One great way to start and finish the school year successfully is, to carve out and create an organized area for homework.  When my kids were younger, we liked to gather around the kitchen table and do homework together, now that my boys are teenagers it’s much different, they do homework in their rooms.  Here are some ideas on how to organize their space so you don’t have to deal with SCHOOL CLUTTER……

How about a little Blackboard paint to create this cool calendar in your kitchen or teenage boys room (ahhh here is a little inspiration)

If you have the spare room, maybe you can make it into a study for the kids like this picture below

This dinning room / study area, is great if you have a smaller space, it can also function as a home office, making good use out of your formal dinning room, or organize “the kitchen table” that me and my kids use to gather around and do homework on.

Of’course stylish storage boxes with labels to organize all the little nick-knacks they need for school

{image source}

Now I need to get to work and start on my sons room before school starts

Firoozeh Khorrami

Design Schematic

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