Elle Magazine and some old friends

A couple of days ago I received my copy of October Elle Decor, as I was devouring every page, I came across an article about the new home of celebrity hair stylist Frederik Fekkai and his wife Shirin Von Wulffen.  I was curious about Shirin and wondering what her background was, I was surprised to find out she had lived in Iran during her childhood years, her parents are German and left Iran shortly after the revolution in 1979.  The story gets more interesting when she talks about Persian carpets her parents had purchased while living in Iran from the Yaraghi family.  The Yaraghi’s are old family friends of mine.  They also fled Iran after the revolution, moved to New York, and established Safavieh.  The antique carpets covering her home are from the exquisite Safavieh collection.  Antique Persian carpets are truly works of art and interior designer Robert Couturier has done a wonderful job using these beautiful carpets to anchor these rooms, as well as fusing Shirin’s aesthetic with Frederik s’, who grew up in the South of France.

{image source}

{image source}

I love the master bedroom, how the purple color of the bed picks up the colors of the antique carpet, and the embroidery on the headboard is gorgeous.

Read the whole story in the October 2010 edition of Elle Decor.

Firoozeh Khorrami

Design Schematic

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