The last days of summer

Ever since I became a mom with school age children I love the structure that the school year brings, I also love the free will of summer. My oldest son Kian will be starting high school next Wednesday and for the past few summers I have tried to spend as much time with him and my younger son Sam as I could since I know they will be leaving the nest sooner than later.
Other than the calendar I have other ways of measuring the seasons. Since we live in Southern California and don’t really have the four season’s I can still feel the seasons changing with the change in natural light. The way the sun is positioned in the sky effects our mood and the way we see color. In different areas of the world different color and styles are popular because of the climate and the amount of sun light. Many of the bright hues we use here in Southern California have a complete different effect if they are used in colder climates.

Firoozeh Khorrami


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